Weber 4611001 LP Grill

Best-selling-Gas-Grills-under-400Weber is at the helm of the grill market with their latest advancement being the refurbished Weber 4611001 spirit liquid propane gas grill.

As the name suggests, this freestanding masterpiece is fueled by gas and bears advanced features for the best experience.

You get plenty cooking area of 360 sq. inches and two burners designed to allow users to cook for many. Besides the vast cooking area, you will notice 90 extra sq. inches for warming your food. This grill might only have two burners but this is compensated for by the immense heat can produce. You can save a breath trying to start up your spirit Weber grill as it is so thoughtfully equipped with an ignition system which you only need to push a button you get started. You only need one flick of the electric crossover button to get both burners fired up.

Each part is made of the most durable, safe material to protect users as they enjoy their grilled favorites. The stainless steel burners will not rust, saving you the needs for replacement, while you enjoy porcelain enameled flavorizer bars and cast iron cooking grates that are the epitome of heat distribution. You do not have to worry about clean up as the enameled porcelain and stainless steel parts are optimized for easy cleaning.

Anyone looking for a grill but is limited on space can take comfort in Weber LP grill which has two stainless tables that easily fold down. This allows for easy movement and storage when the grill is not in use. Weber is surely a full size grill designed to fit small spaces and that does not mean quality is compromised.

The most notable improvement to Weber 4611001 LP grill is the control panel, which is now at the front. This gives you full authority over the grill, not to mention the fuel gauge that indicates fuel levels to your advantage. The cast iron grates help to give your food those grill marks you cannot resist and the best news is that none of the parts peel, rust or fade. This is great because you do not have to worry about ingesting foreign substances with your favorite grilled food.

The redesigned Weber 4611001 LP grill is nothing short of impeccable. It seems to address every detail from aesthetic to functionality to space. This is a feat that many would not have dreamt of but as seen from this product, everything is possible as long as Weber is the name behind it.